Finding Hamza 

I never really intended to start a blog about myself. I always thought it would be quite a weird thing to do. I’d ask myself “Do you think your soo important that you need write about yourself?” The answer was always a firm NO but now I’m in need of a space to write my thoughts and feelings so that I’m no longer holding it all inside. Maybe someone will be able to relate along the way- but no promises that it will be helpful in any way!

Who Am I?

My Name is Hamza Khan. On the surface I’m quite an ordinary Muslim guy. My friends and family couldn’t possibly conceive the inner turmoils I fight every day. My life seems to go so well and alhamdulillah I have received many blessing from Allah, yet I still find peace difficult to come by. Maybe by writing here I’ll be able to unwind my thoughts and throw out the junk that lays in the crevices of my mind. Maybe it won’t. We’ll have to see…

Right now, I’m a PhD student at a world leading university. I wont say which one since the community is quite small and I might inadvertently end up offending people. The PhD brings even more problems to my already uneasy life because I need to manage the stresses of being a graduate student, as well as dealing with becoming a fully functional adult, neither of which I seem to be good at.